The initial interview, or as I like to call our first date, is always free. Generally we meet in a public place, a park or coffee or tea shop, even a diner or a mall. This is our chance to see if we have that connection, I would recommend that whoever is planning to attend your birth also come to the interview. Your partner and I will be caring for you while you are in a very vulnerable state and it is important that you both feel comfortable with me. If you don’t feel that connection I encourage you to keep interviewing doula’s until you do, ultimately I want you to have support and it’s ok if it’s not from me.

We will have 2 prenatal visits, I will come to your home and will cover a variety of topics some of which include: comfort measures and positions, information on choices and options, and creating a birth plan.

Once you are in active labor and or you want me to join you, you contact me, and I will join you and stay with you continuously until your baby is born. I will then stay for an hour or two immediately postpartum to make sure you and your partner are comfortable and breastfeeding has been established.
I will then follow up by phone within the first few days to make sure the transition home went well, to see if you have any questions and that there are no immediate concerns. Then we will have 1 postnatal visit; this is usually within the second or third week after the birth. During this visit we can all process the birth and make sure your postpartum recovery and transition into motherhood is going smoothly.

Once I become your doula I will always be your doula, you will have unlimited access to emails and calls during your pregnancy, postpartum, and for the years beyond. I hope to be a resource for you in all things related to pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.

All of this is included in a flat fee of $595.00, this does not have to paid all at one time. Please contact me if you have questions regarding price/payment, I am flexible and do some bartering. Have something to offer (a vacation home, massage, photography, Landscaping, tickets?) Let me know and we might be able to work something out!



  • Flexible Payment Schedule
  • Willing to Barter
  • If you live more than a 30 min drive an additional $50 may be added for fuel costs

This price includes:

  • 2 Prenatal Visits
  • Continuous Labor Support until Birth
  • 1 Postnatal Visit with the potential for a 2nd on a per client basis
  • Unlimited Email and Call Availability