Ireland, born May 2015

“Tiarr was the perfect fit for our family. What I loved the most about her, was her flexible approach. She supported me without having her own agenda. With my first child, I dreamt of a picture perfect, unmedicated, vaginal birth and ended up devastated with a c-section when the hospital discovered he was breech. So, this time around, I wanted to take things as they came with less expectations. I wanted to try for a VBAC, but didn’t want pressure about whether or not I had pain medications, etc. With Tiarr’s support, I had a successful VBAC and zero guilt about having an epidural. It was the best of both worlds and I wouldn’t change a thing!”

~Megan & Shawn 



Charley ‘Cricket’, born October 2014

“I’ve been waiting forever to have a baby, so of course I wanted everything to go perfect. I had a very detailed birth plan and needed someone who would understand, support me, educate me, but also challenge me when I was being unreasonable. Tiarr was all of those things for us. She was an incredible coach, very pragmatic, sensitive and encouraging. She was always available for ANY question, no matter how outrageous. And during the delivery, she was by our side the entire team, making me feel like a superwoman, but also comforting me and taking care of our friends and family. She’s an amazing doula, an incredible person and one very cool woman. I’m so blessed to know her and now call her a friend.”

**Jess & Tracy



Evianna, born 3/6/14    

“My husband and I decided about 6 weeks before the birth of our daughter that we would like to look into having a doula at the birth. We wanted to have as natural of a childbirth as possible and wanted someone there for support.  When we met with Tiarr, we instantly knew that she would be a great fit for us. Tiarr’s down to earth personality and sense of humor made us feel very at ease. Tiarr spent time with us to prepare not only for the labor process but also for life after our little one arrived. During my labor, Tiarr gave me the positive reinforcement and reassurance that I needed to relieve my fear and anxiety. She was very knowledgeable with different laboring positions and pressure points that helped ease my pain.  She also did a phenomenal job with walking us through our options during labor and advocating for our decisions. Because of Tiarr’s support, I look back at my labor as a beautiful, positive experience. Both my husband and I are exceedingly thankful for Tiarr’s guidance throughout my labor and delivery”.                                                                                                                             -Chelsea & Ryan



Thea, born 10/24/2013

At first we were unsure about having a doula but that changed as soon as we met Tiarr. Her calm demeanor and knowledge about pregnancy and birth put us at ease and gave us confidence in her ability to support and advocate for us.  We quickly formed a strong connection with Tiarr and she prepared us for birth by listening to our values and helping us understand our fears.  She always responded to our worries with compassion and gave useful information to emotionally, mentally, and physically prepare and cope with labor. When I went into labor I didn’t panic because I felt supported, I knew Tiarr would bring me back to the moment, remind to breathe, and even laugh when I needed to.  Having Tiarr as our doula helped us experience the most beautiful, empowering, and transformative birth we could have imagined. We are incredibly grateful for her guidance before, during, and after our daughter was born and for sharing such a joyful time in our lives.

~Charity & Jeff

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Logan, born 7/5/13
“We met Tiarr at a Childbirth Collective class and both knew instantly that she would be the perfect person to serve as our birth doula. We liked her laid-back personality and sense of humor, and the way she empowered us to have the birth we hoped for. She spent a lot of time with us before our due date and felt she strongly supported our decisions about labor and birth before, during, and after Logan’s birth. When I went into labor, we were much less nervous than we would have been if we were on our own – I knew Tiarr would join us as soon as we needed her and smooth the way. Thanks to her knowledge and expertise (on things like acupressure points and breathing techniques), I was able to have the natural waterbirth that I dreamed of having. We’re so grateful that Tiarr helped us welcome our first baby into the world as well as for the relationship we formed with her during this significant time in our lives.”
-Blair & Michael